Free The Children and Devs Without Borders BreakPoverty Hackathon Finalist

At the BreakPoverty Hackathon, my team was tasked with solving education problems in Nairobi, Kenya. We recognize that many Kenyan students have no STEAM opportunities, due to financial constraints. Resultingly, we made TrashBOT: A cheap robotics platform. With our platform, students can design powerful robots cheaply. Our robots require no microcontrollers. Instead, all of the processing is done on an Android phone. Using our app, students can write and execute code on the phone. This code can access the phone's internal hardware(GPS, WiFi, accelerometer, etc) and drive external servo motors with audio waves. Our platform comes with a website that helps students build and learn with TrashBOT. We hope schools use TrashBOT as an educational tool.

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