Adaptive Robotics Research intern

Adaptive Robotics Research intern

3d Printer Machine Tending

COMPSCI 1MD3 Teaching Assistant

Instructional Assistant

Auto Test Taker

Chegg Webscraper

Controls and Software Engineering Intern

Tic-Tac-Toe Playing Robot

Lab Assistant for Industry 4.0 Research Lab

Research Assistant for Dr. Elizabeth Hassan - Ph.D. ME

ENG 1C03 Teaching Assistant

Lab Technician for McMaster 3D Printing Lab

Instructorial Internship

Educational Software Developer

Teaching Assistant at McMaster 3D Printing Lab

McMaster Sumobots Competition Champions 2017

Robotics Camp Teacher

Free the Children and Devs without Borders BreakPoverty 2015 Hackathon Finalist

GYBO Hackathon 2015

VRC World Championship Division Finalist 2015

Vice President of Warrior Robotix Club

CAD Technician

3D Printed Pen

Smart Lamp

WiFi Controlled Light Switch

3D Printed Wave Pendulum


Line Following Robot

Gesture Controlled Robot

SkillsCanada Bronze Medalist 2013