Educational Software Developer

• Developed software application (CADGrader), that automatized assignment grading for a first year engineering course at McMaster University.
• CADGrader automatically grades over 800 student CAD assignments per month.
→ To grade a CAD file, CADGrader converts the 3D model into a 3D matrix.
→ Many advanced linear algebra techniques were used to analyse and assess the 3D matrix.
• CADGrader automatically organizes class marks in a modern and professional website.
• CADGrader has a Practice Grader available on it's website. Students can log on to CADGrader and upload completed practice assignments. CADGrader provides dynamic feedback for students on uploaded assignments.
• Front End(JQuery, Electron, Three.js), Back End(Node.JS, Python(NumPy, CGI Module), AJAX, MySQL, PHP)
• Software is currently used by all first year engineering students at McMaster University.
• Software is available at (User must be on the McMaster network to view the software).

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